Welcome to Waterdeep MI5!

This is the web site for the Waterdeep MI5 campaign. Starting March 2011 I’ll take a turn in the DM chair for our gaming group, and this site will help organize the effort.

Before March, we’ll have one adventure from the bad guy’s point of view to help set the stage and give me some time to get used to running such a big group. To generate characters for that, please visit the Waterdeep Mafia campaign and follow the guidelines there.

In Waterdeep MI5 the characters work for the elite and secret organization that defends the people of Waterdeep, and indeed all Good nations in Farun, from crime, espionage, demonic possession, and other threats too horrible to name.

You start the campaign as new recruits – follow the rules for character creation – just meeting the boss. You will receive your first assignment after you are equipped and briefed on the rules and regulations.

Waterdeep MI5